Novacert's 10th anniversary starry night

More than a hundred guests (customers and partners) had the immense pleasure of being invited to celebrate NOVACERT's 10th anniversary during a totally private evening at the sumptuous Carrières des Lumières in Les Baux de Provence. 

A prestigious anniversary in a majestic mineral setting, where Van Gogh's digital exhibition "Starry Night" was projected onto the limestone walls. More than thirty works by the famous artist were brought to fascinating life in a space of over 7,000 square meters and walls up to 16 m high, offering a captivating and immersive visual and aural experience. 

An unforgettable experience punctuated by a private screening, cocktail reception and dance party to offer guests an unforgettable and unrivalled souvenir. The musical and visual work capturing the artist's intense life fascinated the public with the warm, colorful tones of Provence, where he lived part of his life. The exhibition was open to the public throughout 2019. 


Discover or rediscover Novacert's 10th anniversary at the Carrières des Lumières :

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