The energy of tomorrow,

Novacert works with France's biggest retail chains to implement
their energy policy, particularly in terms of photovoltaic self-consumption.
We have designed and monitored more than 30 power plants in operation, with a capacity of
ranging from 50 to 400 kW. novacert also works in the housing sector, at
building micro-power plants adapted to RE2020 requirements.


Project Manager

Our photovoltaic expertise at Novacert

Today's challenges in photovoltaics, with the rising price of electricity per kWh, are to consume the energy produced by the PV power plant directly at the level of the building that supports the PV power plant. NOVACERT, with its expertise in the PV field and its cross-disciplinary skills in the building industry (thermal sizing, dynamic thermal simulation, etc.), has all the tools needed to size PV power plants according to building use (residential, hospital, educational, office, etc.).


With Novacert,
benefits from a
file that is both technical,
optimized and compliant.

  • Competence regularly audited by OPQIBI
  • A handpicked selection of experts
  • Quality assurance with a production manager who ensures
    that projects run smoothly.
  • Constant technical monitoring and anticipation
  • Team training

    An in-depth technical dossier:

  • Proven expertise: extensive experience in photovoltaics.
  • Elite team: A hand-picked selection of experts.
  • Quality commitment: A production manager to ensure that projects run smoothly.
  • Constant innovation: Constant technical monitoring and anticipation.

    Optimized studies :

  • Guaranteed precision: the guarantee of a bespoke, state-of-the-art design.
  • Efficiency: Optimizing systems to save on work.
  • Wise choice: Identify the materials offering the best value for money.
  • Simplicity: simplified technical elements to facilitate decision-making.

      Compliant studies :

  • Peace of mind: peace of mind in the event of government inspections or expert appraisals.
  • Photovoltaic expertise: technical expertise based on our feedback from operating plants.
  • Standards met: Systematic compliance with certifications, including Cerqual.


Our completed projects

Discover Novacert's achievements.

Marignane - 13

Les Raumettes" elementary school


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