Keeping a building running smoothly
is essential.

Since 2013, Novacert has been carrying out technical studies for system design, ensuring that buildings are correctly sized in terms of climate, aeraulics, hydraulics and electrics. We also monitor the construction process.

Fluid and systems engineering plays a decisive role in the operation and
use of a building. At Novacert, we take on the responsibility of designing a
building that is both usable and sustainable, a mission that carries with it a great


Project Manager

Our expertise in fluids (HVAC, Plumbing, Electricity) at Novacert

Good fluid engineering aims to create an optimal indoor environment in terms of comfort, energy efficiency, safety and sustainability. At Novacert, we pride ourselves on a personalized approach to each project, taking into account each customer's unique needs and budgetary constraints to create customized solutions.


With Novacert,
benefit from a
study that is both technical and
optimized and compliant.

  • Competence regularly audited by OPQIBI
  • A handpicked selection of experts
  • Quality assurance with a production manager who ensures
    that projects run smoothly.
  • Constant technical monitoring and anticipation
  • Team training

    In-depth technical expertise:

  • Verified competence: Regularly inspected by OPQIBI.
  • Rigorous selection: a hand-picked team of experts.
  • Quality assurance: A production manager dedicated to ensuring that projects run smoothly.
  • Constant innovation: Constant technical monitoring and anticipation.

    Optimized studies :

  • Reliability: The guarantee of a realistic, state-of-the-art design.
  • Efficiency: Optimizing systems to save on work.
  • Wise choice: Identify the materials offering the best value for money.
  • Clarity: Simplified technical elements to facilitate decision-making.

    Compliant studies :

  • Peace of mind: peace of mind in the event of a CEREMA inspection or expert appraisal.
  • Durability: work designed to be reused by the design offices.
  • Compliance with standards: Systematic compliance with certifications, including Cerqual.


Our completed projects

Discover Novacert's achievements.


Chemin de la Buge: construction of 58 multi-family housing units for first-time buyers and social housing


Les Phalènes:
construction of 46 social housing units


Le Jardin des essences (Hameau de la Créole): construction of a 130-home eco-district

La Fare les Oliviers

Saint-Exupéry eco-district: construction of an eco-district of 60 multi-family and single-family homes


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IRICE is the Institut de Recherche et d'Innovation pour le Climat et l'Ecologie (Research and Innovation Institute for Climate and Ecology), specializing in the study and consideration of biodiversity and carbon constraints in the act of building.

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