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acoustic service, of course!

Acoustics is part of Novacert's DNA. Our founder's undisputed experience with a renowned certification body in the building industry is proof of our competence. This passion for acoustic engineering has been passed on to our teams, resulting in the emergence of true experts in the field. Today, Novacert offers a cutting-edge acoustics service capable of simulating all kinds of spaces, from cinemas to residences. And this becomes all the more relevant in the face of new acoustic constraints, notably due to the use of heat pumps, potential sources of noise pollution.


Project manager

Our acoustic expertise at Novacert

A good acoustic study is one which, from the earliest stages of a project's life, identifies its particular points and constraints. This applies to all the different types of noise that human beings can hear, whether airborne (road, track...), solid-borne (impact) or noise generated by everyday technical equipment (ventilation systems, waterfalls...). A good acoustic study should highlight several solutions, enabling the client to select the one that best suits his technical and economic needs. It should also enable the client to be supported throughout the project's life cycle. NOVACERT's expertise sets it apart.


With Novacert,
, you benefit from a
rendering that is both technical,
optimized and compliant.

  • Competence regularly audited by OPQIBI
  • A handpicked selection of experts
  • Quality assurance with a production manager who ensures
    that projects run smoothly.
  • Constant technical monitoring and anticipation
  • Team training

    An in-depth technical dossier:

  • Verified competence: Regularly inspected by OPQIBI.
  • Choice expertise: A hand-picked selection of experts.
  • Quality commitment: A production manager to ensure that projects run smoothly.
  • Constant innovation: Anticipation and constant technical monitoring.

    An optimized study :

  • Guaranteed accuracy: the guarantee of a realistic, state-of-the-art entry.
  • Specialization: Tailor-made treatment of sound bridges.
  • Quality & Economy: Identification of materials offering the best value for money.
  • Clarity: providing scenarios for informed decision-making.

    A compliant study :

  • Peace of mind: peace of mind in the event of a CEREMA inspection or expert appraisal.
  • Acoustic expertise: Acoustic measurements can be carried out by our subsidiary Novatec.
  • Standards met: Systematic compliance with certifications, including Cerqual.


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